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A personal and people-centered approach to extending your team

Software developers

Build a team of developers with nearly any competence requirements.


Data operatives, content management or other essential capabilities.

Art & Design

Creative talent, ranging from analog and digital artists to web and UX designers.

Home of great teams

Where great teams fit: No matter the size of your organization, building a team of qualified developers at a reasonable cost seems a dream out of reach. Hence the idea of NetEra; making it easy to build a team abroad while being people-oriented and maintaining the quality.

NetEra specializes in building teams of developers and other professionals in Egypt in a welcoming and fun work environment, for companies from all over the world.

A smart and strategic way of scaling up

Our strategy in building teams is based on entrepreneurship, self-management and aspiring to be better and better. Our main goal is to main the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Cost Efficient

Our premium software solutions are cost efficient. We provide top-notch software solutions at the lowest prices.

Employer Branding

ur campaigns are spread in the way that all your audience will know your products by heart.

People-oriented culture

A mutual interest shared is keeping your team well-focused. Our work environment is friendly with a human approach to people.

Technology Leadership

We create software solutions with the most cutting-edge technologies.

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