years of collaboration on average


weeks to start a team


average team size

Software developers

Build a team of developers with nearly any competence requirements.

QA & Testing

Tailored dedicated QA and testing teams for mid- and long-term engagements.

Art & Design

Creative talent, ranging from analog and digital artists to web and UX designers.

Home of great teams

Where great teams fit: no matter the size of your company, finding and retaining developers at a reasonable cost is a headache. Hence the idea of NetEra – we build, manage and scale your remote team while maintaining the quality.

NetEra specializes in building teams of developers and other professionals in Egypt in a welcoming and fun work environment, for companies from all over the world.

A smart and strategic way of scaling up

Our strategy in building teams is based on hiring the best and letting them do the magic. As serial entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to create structured workflows, predictable timelines and a good environment for your team to thrive in. Our goal is to help you build a product we all will be proud of.

Cost Effective

We give you access to tech talent with appropriate level of experience at half the price and half the time it takes in Europe

Employer Branding

Our office is your office – we can add your logo and design elements in our space for your remote team to feel more connected to your brand

People-oriented culture

Great workplaces foster an environment of communication, fairness, respect, and trust – while creating opportunities for people to grow as individuals. Our work environment is friendly and warm.

Technology Leadership

With regular workshops and knowledge transfer sessions, we make sure all our teams are updated on the latest technologies and the best practices..

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