A dedicated team extends your in-house capabilities

NetEra helps you build a tailored team of developers and other talent in Egypt, joined with your in-house team as one unit. The team is based out of NetEra's offices and communicates directly with you, with minimal bureaucracy.

Your place to be

We are far from traditional ways of building teams. We take pride in our people-oriented culture and being a well-reputed employer in our country, where we exerted our efforts in becoming employer of choice, and working even harder to maintain our position. Our main aim is always building a devoted team where it always feels like home.

Cost-to-performance significance

We have always understood the high significance of cost transparency. You will always find us exerting extra efforts to make you understand the costs paid to pamper your team.

Minimal bureaucracy, no squabble

Unnecessary bureaucracy is a source of unnecessary nuisance, but we also have to make sure everything is done right and running smooth. We will always guide you on what’s best practiced towards to best possible outcome.

Your team should always be near you

Egypt’s has always been a touristic destination for all kinds of tourism. We might not share all your holidays, but we will be united in much more ways.

Achieve your goals in a principled and ethical way

At NetEra, you get the chance of building a highly professional team while helping talents join in the IT market in Egypt. We are a social enterprise that helps in building better lives.

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